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BANG BANG, TICK TACK Gallery, 2019

BANG BANG, Group show from 14.09 till 19.10.2019

Opening Fri. Sept. 13 | 18:00-22:00


Mechelsesteenweg 247, 2018 Antwerpen

with: Charif Benhelima Wim Catrysse Peter de Cupere Nadia Naveau Renato Nicolodi Koen van den Broek (curator) Cindy Wright

Anarchy of openness

“I use passion and desire to designate the sparkly energies behind this reunion of seven pioneers of the HISK, because I cannot find another way to explain the authenticity of these extraordinary talents. They all share in common that they were resident in the HISK studios of Antwerp. I conclude that, through their contemporary art, they are capable of being themselves, completely independent of each other, to measure the temperature of the world in beauty, even when it’s feverish. Each work of art opens a door to original ideas and raises questions about the hope with which art can add to a new perspective and re-orientation of identity, as the core and engine of a wider engagement.” 

Em. Prof. dr. Johan Swinnen, founder and former director of the HISK

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