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Everyday Forms of Resistance, Warsaw, 2019

Everyday Forms of Resistance

assembly from 04 till 07.10.2019

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art Jazdów 2, 00-467 Warsaw

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to Everyday Forms of Resistance assembly which will take place between 4th and 6th of October.

In Palestine, „resistance” is a word with military connotations. Resistance, however, also means small gestures and rituals: preparing meals, cultivating plants, playing host to guests or rebuilding torn-down houses. It means keeping-on existing within the everyday reality.During an assembly, artists, and representatives of Palestinian artistic and cultural institutions will meet up. They are going to talk about everyday life in occupied Palestine, about the role of artists, culture practitioners, and institutions in this politically challenging context, and also: about the notions of community and hospitality practices. Stories of everyday tribulations will be a starting point for reflections on the positive aspects of resistance.It is the first public event scheduled as part of the long-term Everyday Forms of Resistance project, which allowed several European artists to spend a number of months in Palestine, and research its everyday reality. Simultaneously, Palestinian artists on residence in Poland have been given an opportunity to elaborate on certain threads present in their everyday practice: Mirna Bamieh applies food as an artistic medium, and Mohammad Saleh focuses on the field of agroecology. The assembly at U–jazdowski will be an opportunity for all the participants of the project to meet. CuratorIka Sienkiewicz-Nowacka

Friday 04-10 | 18:1519:15

On Stones in Conflict

Wim Catrysse, Karolina Grzywnowicz, Sandi Hilal.

Discussion moderated by Anna Ptak, Workspace, Ujazdowski Castle.

We commence our discussion by considering contemporary attempts to describe the realities of military, economic or political conflict, through the materiality of the affected territory. Do the perspectives of activism, art and politics intersect in this terrain? Can a geological footprint, traces of architecture or soil replace the concepts of site, violence, or salvation?

More information and full programme

Assembly in English with Polish translation. Free admission to all events.

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