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Publisher: Roma Publications, Amsterdam

Number of pages: 216
Size: 17 x 24 cm

ills: colour & bw

Language: English, Dutch
ISBN: 978 94 91843 12 9

Distribution: Idea Books


A transfixing look at how Belgian filmmaker Wim Catrysse surveys the dynamics of self-constructed architectural settings or the potentially fictitious characteristics of phenomenal environments. His films challenge both participants and viewers in a basic, primordial way through the evocation of vertigo. This precondition of boundaries operates to expose the observer to underlying motives. Catrysses artistic approach combines intuition with technical reasoning, often leading to complex cinematographic image constructions. Besides critical analyses of his works, the book includes numerous images from films.



Publisher: Argos editions, Brussels

Number of pages: 48
Size: 31 x 23 cm

ills: colour & bw

Language: English
ISBN: 907 6855 07 2


“The video installations by Wim Catrysse (°1973) appeal physically and directly to the spectator’s world of experience. Through simple technical means he realises highly suggestive images, which play with the existential context of the individual. His attention is principally aimed at corporeal expression, at the language of the body. The images have an alienating and grasping side to them, which is supported by the fragmentation of sound and image, the intensity and the ephemeral character. This first survey publication about his work contains an essay by Jon Thompson and an interview with the artist by Sam Ainsley.” (Source: Argos)

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