four-channel video installation

DV, 4:3 | b/w | non-spoken | 00:11:00

TIED, 2002


Overhead view. An indeterminate structure. Four adjoining yellow panels, equipped with climbing-wall holds, form a shaft that ends in a black void. We see almost exclusively the inside of the space. Closest to us we detect a rather complex arrangement of thin beams and firm rubber bands that cross each other in various ways. The shaft, empty at first, is soon occupied by a disguised figure that steadily climbs from out of its depths. As he makes his way towards the top it seems as though the shaft bursts open and tilts. With hands and feet, the toiling character presses the walls and causes them to slant backwards. It appears to be a half-hearted attempt to escape; one most likely bound to fail. Only a few solid elastic cables, attached to the walls, preserve the space from total collapse, and thus the tumbling fall of the anonymous figure. The gaps between the walls reveal nothing but a monolithic darkness. By now, the man, clamped between walls, has managed to lift himself into a quasi-horizontal floating position. This absurd and apparently aimless act of sensing the shifts and deformations of the space continues.



Text: De rekbaarheid van het subject...

by Sjoerd van Tuinen